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2009-08-24 14:51
fred rousseau
I need to change the cable that link the neriki image master pro genlock to a comodore 2000. on the comodore, there is 23 pin male and on the neriki image master there is 25 pin female conector
2009-11-17 07:33
Mitchell Lopes
Sound Cards:
Hello, the Commodore: C2-ML (PAL Jnr) is not a sound card at all. This is a Hard Disk/SCSI controller card. It interfaced both ST506 hard drives and SCSI devices. Also know as a A2090 and then a 2090a for auto booting when the card was made to fit the A2000.
2010-09-06 13:33
Misc. Hardware:
I am interested in learning about the A520 Rf modulator. Specifically, if the clock signal (Pin 15) is required for correct operation. I understand that the A520 has a MC1377 device, and the Pin 15 clock ultimately interfaces with pin 17 of the MC1377 (oscillator input) but I'm unsure if whether a clock signal is actually required.
2011-02-08 17:43
Bill Toner
A3000 Accelerators:
Question about all categories really. The ID # for items on your site, is that an Autoconfig ID, or is that an ID of the item listing on your site and unrelated to Autoconfig?
2011-04-11 01:58
Models & Clones:
How much cost a electronic design sirius exacteky same as the blue one from picture, just on black color.
2011-05-10 03:48
Ari Weinstein
Misc. Hardware:
Who wrote about and took pictures of the Sneak Prevue/Prevue Channel unit? Can I get an email address for that person? It may have been Andrew Pepper, Mark Stewart, or Rainer Schreurs? Thanks, Ari Weinstein
2011-11-22 21:14
Digtizers & Framegrabbers:
I recently obtained a Diezeman color processor snapshot! studio+, does anyone know what software is able to use the device and if there are drivers required?
2011-11-23 23:44
Thought it woudln't to give it a shot. I was right.
2011-11-26 06:43
Time Base Correctors:
One or two to rememebr, that is.
2013-08-27 22:09
A2000 Accelerators:
For A2000 Accelerators ID #3031 PPS (Progressive Peripherals & Software): Zeus 2040 Can 4 32MB 72pin RAM SIMMS (for DKB 2632 3128) work?
2013-08-27 22:15
A2000 Accelerators:
For A2000 Accelerators ID #3031 PPS (Progressive Peripherals & Software): Zeus 2040 Can 4 32MB 72pin RAM SIMMS (for DKB 2632 3128) work?
2013-11-11 12:42
SCSI Controller:
ID #4289 Hi, I have a gvp a500 impact series that I've resurrected. It's the one with 4 meg fast ram and game switch at the front - exactly like the one on your page ID #4289 (hi res image #3) I'm just wondering what the unit is capable of in terms of scsi drives and also size. The features descibed in the picture relays that it's capable of 20mb - 102mb. I've tested the unit and it looks as though the 40mb quantum pro drive in it is dead...I've ordered a scsi to 4gb compact flash emulator as a replacement drive. I'm hoping it will recognise the scsi converter with the attaced compact flash drive...and if I'm lucky, the full 4gb size.. Also wondering if there are firmware/rom or software upgrades for this particular hardware? Any additional info about this device would be very much appreciated too. Cheers, Cam
2014-01-03 20:24
Petropoulakis Sofoklis
Bridgeboards & Emulator Cards:
Hello sirs . Do you know someone to sell an Action replay but for Amiga 1200 ? we want this desperately . We pay at any prize . Have a happy new year . Please respond !
2014-07-05 21:16
MIDI Devices:
The highsoft and the microdeal device is the software disk available as a adf
2014-11-15 11:39
A500 Accelerators:
Hello There....This surely is a VERY unoriginal question by now : But is it still possible to build the PAK68 board shown on this forum ? Where can i get a PCB, or a schematic ? Or failing this, a jpeg of the blank pcb both sides would do it ! Regards, Stephen.
2016-05-04 17:14
Kickstart Switchers:
i have the Kickstart Switchers ID #3608 Alfa Data: SWB-M-KS+ for amiga 500, but cant find a manual that shows the pins i need to use on the odd and even chip on my amiga 500, can some one upload the manual for it please
2018-06-30 19:18
Tony Knife
RAM Expansions:
I have a Technical Developments (I know, no-one seems to have heard of them) A500 RAM expansion with RTC. It's a relatively neat board, easily visible PCB tracks etc, but I received in a corroded state, with one component missing. I've changed the battery and have a replacement switch, I think it's a capacitor (based on the CAKE expansion board Amiga schematics published) - it sits between the negative of the NiMH Batt and the 32.768Hx crystal I've not been on this forum before - so hope I can add pictures to the question after asking, which should make things a bit more obvious. Thanks in advance for any feedback
2018-09-14 19:03
IDE Controller:
Do you have a more detailed close up version of the wiring to the two buttons on the inside of the alfapower 500 hard drive as my wires have come lose and I want to check in soldiering them back on correctly...