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Commodore: CDTV


Rev 2.1 Motherboard - 2671K
Rev 2.2.1 Motherboard, Image 1 - 359K
CDTV Rev 2.2B Motherboard - 1436K
Rev 2.2.1 Motherboard, Image 2 - 107K
Rev 2.3 Motherboard - 117K
Rev 2.3 Sticker - 46K
1411 CDTV Floppy, Image 1 - 31K
1411 CDTV Floppy, Image 2 - 12K
CD1252 wireless mouse - 10K
CD1253 Mouse - 9K
CDTV Remote Control - 795K
Image of CDTV keyboard controller chip - 65K
Image of CDTV CDROM controller chip - 115K
Image of CDTV Firmware chip - 112K
Image of CDTV LCD Controller chip - 53K

Standard Specifications

Case Type:Set Top Box / VCR
Kickstarts:V1.3 (for OCS chipset)
V1.3 or V2.04 (for ECS chipset)
Expansion Slots:1 x Diagnostic slot
1 x DMA Expansion slot
1 x Memory Card slot
1 x Video module port
Standard CHIP RAM:512K (OCS Chipset, not confirmed)
1MB (ECS Chipset)
RAM sockets:None
Hard Drive Controllers:None, however it has a custom controller for the CDROM
Drive Bays:1 x 5.25" CDROM bay.
Expansion Ports:1 x 25pin Serial
1 x 25pin Parallel
1 x 23pin RGB Video
1 x SVideo
1 x RF
1 x Mouse (not standard Amiga, PS/2 style)
1 x 23pin External Floppy
2 x RCA Audio (Left/Right)
1 x Keyboard Connector
Floppy Drive:None
Motherboard Revisions:Rev 2.2.1
Battery Backed Up Clock:None

The CDTV was Commodore's attempt to build a multimedia entertainment station. It was designed to run interactive entertainment software or be used to manage multimedia displays, such as point of information terminals. The CDTV was also supplied with a wireless infrared controller. The CDTV is fully Amiga compatible and is capable of running the same software as conventional Amigas. Some versions of CDTV motherboard may have been upgraded by Commodore, so you may find a different revision mentioned underneath the sticker.

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