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Commodore: A600HD


Brazilian A600 with HD/80 sticker
Brazilian A600 with HD/80 sticker

Rear of A600
Rear of A600

Hi Res Version of A600HD - 74K
Image of A600, Brazilian with HD/80 sticker - 737K
Image of power supply - 637K
Image of Workbench disks and manual - 1055K
Image of 'Smart Start' software bundle - 1012K

The only difference between the A600 and the A600HD was the addition of a 2.5" IDE Hard Drive as standard. The size of the HD was initially 20MB, but probably varied by country and may been subsequently increased to 40MB or 80MB. A600's without the HD designation were often sold pre-fitted with hard drives.

You may have noticed the 'PCI' branding in some of the photos, 'PCI Componentes da Amazonia S/A' was an authorised distributor in Brazil of Commodore Electronics USA. For additional information please see this image.

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