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DKB: MegAChip

Connection: Other

Front of Megachip
Front of Megachip

Back of Megachip
Back of Megachip

MegAChip PLUS front view - 1418K
MegAChip 2k500 back view - 2266K
MegAChip 2k500 front view - 2191K
MegAChip PLUS rear view - 1495K
Hi Res Version, Front of Megachip - 528K
Hi Res Version, Back of Megachip - 562K
Image of Megachip with manual - 378K
Image of Megachip installed - 1115K

Max Ram: 1MB
Ram Type: Soldered DRAM Chips
Connection: Agnus Socket

This expansion is designed for the A500, A2000 and CDTV and includes a newer Agnus (as found in the A3000) to allow them to address 2MB of CHIP RAM, although the card is installed with 1MB. The megachip has a wire which needs connecting to either the 68000 CPU socket or pin 36 on the Gary Chip. If you experience spurious lockups when the Megachip is installed, then you may need to attach the wire to the 68000 instead of the Gary chip, although to which pin it should be attached is unknown. Furthermore the Megachip may still function correctly in a damaged Agnus socket, even if the original Agnus doesn't because it has longer legs which make good contact with the socket.

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