ID #4051

DCE: Mini Megi

Connection: Other

57mm x 41mm
57mm x 41mm

Mini Megi Chip, Front
Mini Megi Chip, Front

Mini Megi Chip, Back
Mini Megi Chip, Back


Mini Megi Chip with Gary chip
Mini Megi Chip with Gary chip

Closeup of MINIMEGI front view - 1557K
Closeup of MINIMEGI back view - 1604K
Hi Res Version, Mini Megi Chip, Front - 512K
Hi Res Version, Image 1 - 512K
Image of Mini Megi installed in an A2000 - 62K
Hi Res Version, Mini Megi Chip, Back - 600K
Hi Res Version, Mini Megi Chip with Gary chip - 503K
Image of Mini Megi Chip installed on motherboard - 1032K
Image showing wires connected to chip socket - 94K

Max Ram: 2MB CHIP Ram
Ram Type:Soldered DRAM Chips
FPU: None
RTC: None
Connection: Probably Agnus/Gary socket

A RAM expansion designed to provide the Amiga with 2MB of CHIP RAM. It contains an upgraded Agnus chip and is probably design to be used with the A500 and A200. Apparently this item can run very hot, which may lead to instability if its used without any form of cooling. Apparently this device also needs to connect to the gary chip. The gary chip should be removed, placed in the socket holder which was provided and then this should be reinserted back into the motherboard. This unit is very similar to the CP Megi Chip.

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