ID #3513

Commodore: A570 / A690 prototype

Connection: Seitlicher Expansion Slot






Hi Res Version of A690 prototype front - 306K
Hi Res Version of A690 prototype front - 329K

A690 prototype

A690 prototype

The A570 is a CD-ROM unit designed for use with the Amiga 500/+. The A690 was actually the development name for the A570, before it was released onto the market. The A570 uses caddies and connects to the side expansion slot. Unfortunately it does not have a pass-thru but does use an external power supply. The A570 includes a Volume Control, Access & Power LEDs, Headphone jack, 40pin connector for a RAM expanstion and expansion slot designed to fit a SCSI Module such as the A570 SCSI-TV or the Falcon 570. The CDROM is not actually an IDE or SCSI controller, but is actually a Mitsumi or Matsushita controller.

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