ID #3496

3 State: Apollo 2000

Connection: Zorro II

Apollo 2000
Apollo 2000

Apollo 2000 with HD attached
Apollo 2000 with HD attached

Hi Res Version, Apollo 2000 - 48K
Hi Res Version, Apollo 2000 with HD attached - 334K

Full length Zorro II card which provides you with both a SCSI and an IDE controller. The card is fully autobooting and has enough space to mount a hard drive directly onto the card. As well as an internal 50pin SCSI connector, an internal 40pin IDE connector the card also has an external 25pin SCSI connector and can transfer data at up to 3MB/sec (non DMA). It is also possible to add up to 8MB. The first 2MB may be added in the form of SIPPs or 1MB ZIP chips. The last 6MB must be added in form of 1MB ZIP chips. There are rumours that a version of this card supported 30pin SIMMs instead of SIPPs but this has not been confirmed. Both the SCSI/IDE and the RAM can be switched off for compatibility reasons using the DIP switches located near the backplate.

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