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DMI (Digital Micronics Inc.): Vivid 24

Connection: Zorro III





Hi Res Version, Front - 163K
Hi Res Version, Left - 265K
Hi Res Version, Right - 253K
Hi Res Version, Back - 153K
Image of backplate - 162K

Chipset(s) TMS34020@32Mhz or 40Mhz and supports up to four additional TMS 34082 coprocessors
Graphics Memory Up to 16MB. 4MB standard.
8bit Support: Yes
16bit Support: Yes
24bit Support: Yes
32bit Support: Yes
Display Drivers SAGE (Standard Amiga Graphics Environment)

The Vivid 24 is a Zorro III parallel multi-processor graphics card capable of doing 160,000 polygons/sec, 25,000 shaded polygons/sec and 40 FLOPS per graphics processor up to a maximum of 160MFLOPS. The graphics processor also features a 3D vector support rendering engine. The video memory on board can also be used as standard Amiga memory for running applications. Various expansion kits were available for the Vivid 24 including:

  • A Single graphics coprocessor upgrade kit, (1 x TMS 34082) with 128K of 32bit static RAM. (Max 2 per card)
  • Double graphics coprocessor upgrade kit ( 2 x TMS 34082) with 256K of 32bit static RAM. (Max 2 per card)
  • Video Memory Upgrade - 4MB VRAM (Max 4 per card, or 3 with video encoder)
  • Program memory upgrade kit - 4MB DRAM
  • Broadcast quality digital video encoder (NTSC, PAL, SVHS)
  • Allows high resolution graphics to be recorded directly to video tape.
  • Genlocks the Vivid 24 using either sync generator or any external video source
  • Video Effects Generator
  • Provides input for two video sources
  • Special Effects
  • Allows the mixing of both sources based on the Vivid 24 computer generated graphics.

Example Display Modes
Resolution Depth Frequency
(4MB) 1024 x 1024 24bit
(8MB) 1280 x 1024 24bit
(8MB) 1600 x 1280 laced 24bit
(12MB) 1280 x 1024 24bit
(12MB) 2048 x 1536 laced 24bit
(16MB) 1280 x 1024 24bit
(16MB) 2048 x 2048 laced 24bit

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