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Commodore: Sync Dongle - VGA Adaptor

Connection: Video Socket (Amiga 23pin)

Image of Rev 1 Adaptor
Image of Rev 1 Adaptor

Image of Rev 3 Adaptor
Image of Rev 3 Adaptor

Hi Res Version, Image of Rev 1 Adaptor - 743K
Image inside Rev 1 - 232K
Image inside Rev 3 - 20K
Image of Adaptor connected to A4000 - 784K

This adaptor was often supplied with the A4000 and A4000T as well as Commodore 1950 and 1960 monitors. It allows the connection of monitor's with HD15 connectors (such as most SVGA monitors), directly to the Amiga's RGB port. It does not perform scandoubling or flickerfixing therefore you must ensure video modes are compatible with your monitor. Commodore made at least two version of this dongle. Revision 1 adaptors are reported not to work with video toasters but this is fixed in later revisions.

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