ID #3371

Commodore: CD32 FMV - Full Motion Video

Connection: CD32 Rear Expansion Slot

Rev 2 FMV Unit
Rev 2 FMV Unit

Rev 4 FMV Unit
Rev 4 FMV Unit

FMV being inserted
FMV being inserted

Hi Res Version, Rev 2 FMV - 248K
Hi Res Version, Rev 4 FMV - 238K
Hi Res Version, FMV being inserted - 438K
FMV Rev 2 Motherboard, Front - 335K
FMV Rev 2 Motherboard, Back - 321K
FMV Rev 4 Motherboard, Front - 368K
Image of FMV Motherboard with fascia - 287K
FMV Rev 4 Motherboard, Back - 283K
Image of FMV fascia - 144K
Image of Box - 231K

Full Motion Video module for the CD32. This allowed the CD32 to play full screen animations and sounds such as MPEG video.

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