ID #3302

Digital Creations: SuperGen

Connection: Video Socket (Amiga 23pin)


Rear of SuperGen
Rear of SuperGen

SuperGen with disk and manual
SuperGen with disk and manual

Hi Res Version, SuperGen - 724K
Hi Res Version, Rear of SuperGen - 104K
Hi Res Version, SuperGen with disk and manual - 898K

An external genlock for the Amiga which has sliders to to fade in the background and foreground independently and works with out any software! It simply plugs in between the Amiga monitor and computer and gives you a composite video input and several video outputs. The unit is NTSC only.

  • Selectable notch filter switch
  • Interpretive dissolve switch
  • Computer controllable dissolve of 64 levels
  • Selectable internal and external blanking source
  • Legal NTSC TS170 output

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Francisco Rabay Jr, Takahasi Kasiko

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