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Micronik: MFD4

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Hi Res Version, MFD4 - 202K
Image of PCB - 183K
Image showing modified floppy cable - 179K

The MFD4 allows the installation of two internal floppy drives in a tower, for example when rehousing an A1200 motherboard. The ribbon cable is a straight-through ribbon cable from the floppy drive header on the motherboard, to the first internal floppy drive (ie Pin 1 -> Pin 1, Pin 2 -> Pin 2 etc). From the first floppy drive to the second, wire 4 has been cut and pin 14 goes to pin 16. The other ends of 14 and 16 remain disconnected.

Cable Diagram

|=========== ===|=====================|---
|=========== ===|=====================|---
DF1: DF0: Internal floppy port

At the internal floppy port 3 wires (6, 14 and 34) are attached to the small PCB. The PCB connects to the chip beneath the floppy controller header on the A1200 and contains a jumper block labelled DF1:, DF2: and DF3:. The PCB also contains a row of 6 pins where pin 3 has been removed. It is not known what these are used for.

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