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Amtrade: The Real Floppy Fix

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Front of Real Floppy Fix
Front of Real Floppy Fix

Back of Real Floppy Fix
Back of Real Floppy Fix

Hi Res Version, Front of Real Floppy Fix - 95K
Hi Res Version, Back of Real Floppy Fix - 84K

The floppy drives supplied with the A1200 made by Amiga Technologies (Escom), were not fitted with a genuine Amiga drive. They were fitted with PC drives, jumpered to double density to aid compatibility. Unfortunately these drives were not 100% compatible and often caused copy protection, or special loaders on games to fail because the drive is missing the RDY signal. This unit attempts to fix that. I'm not sure though, if it also allows you to use the drive as a high density drive. The unit connects to the chips located at U7 and U8 on the motherboard.

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