ID #3229

Rombo: Vidi RGB

Connection: Mouse/Joystick Port, Video Socket (Amiga 23pin)


Hi Res Version - 61K
VidiRGB front - 347K
VidiRGB back - 300K
VidiChrome connected - 365K
VidiRGB and Chrome connected - 539K

Sold as 2Packs : - Vidi Amiga (only the Digitizer with a Colourfilterwheel) : - Vidi Chrome (Vidi Amiga + Vidi RGB (electronic coloursplitter) The Vidi-Amiga is a video digitizer which is capable of capturing realtime video in up to 16 grey-scales, or colour stills at up to 4096 colours - Connected in the Parallel port (digitizing) & the Drive port (power supply). - Composite input RCA Connection - Because his design the A2000 Videoport is Blocked, so extention Kabel for the parallel port is needed but not if you use a Flickerfixer Card in the Video slot) - Brightness and Contrast adjustments The Vidi RGB is an electronic coloursplitter for the Vidi Amiga Digitizer or DigiView Digitizer - Composite Input & Output - Take Power via an external port - Factory Sealed Connector (Dont Connect Anything on that Port) - Brightness and Contrast Adjustments. - RGB Button on Top and RGB ColourLed. - Uses also the Joystick Port (For Controlling the RGB i think) First use : Install the software and the digitizer first , connect a Composite Source , and adjust the Brightness & Contrast. After that u can connect the RBG Splitter and Adjust the Brightness and Contrast from the RGB Splitter. (Composite Source now in the splitter, and the splitter in the Digitizer). The Vidi Chrome soft Does Not Controls the RGB Splitter so manuel pushing the RGB Button is needed than the software merge the RGB Picrures. The digitizer was build before the A1200 and A4000 whas build but Works with AGA Amigas with Vidi12 Software. The Vidi12 Soft Can Control the RGB Splitter Automatic.

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