ID #3228

Rombo: Vidi Amiga-12RT

Connection: Parallel Port




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The Vidi Amiga 12RT is a 24bit video digitizer which plugs into the parallel port of the Amiga. It is capable of capturing video in realtime from either a PAL or NTSC source including SVHS. It is similar to the Vidi-Amiga 12 and Vidi-Amiga 12SV. It is possible to upgrade the Vidi Amiga 12-RT to the 2MB or RAM, this service was normally provided by Rombo. A power supply was not provided with the device, however it is recommended you use an additional power supply because the Amiga may not be able to supply enough power. A DC 9V 500m A 2.1mm power supply is required with the centre contact being positive.

Capture Resolution: 360x576 (PAL), 360x476 (NTSC)
Colour Resolution: 24bit 2:0.5:0.5 YUV

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