ID #3031

PPS (Progressive Peripherals & Software): Zeus 2040

Connection: CPU Fast Slot (A2000)


Processor: 040@28Mhz, 040@33Mhz
Max Ram: 64MB
Ram Type: 16 x 30pin SIMM (Some models may have had 4 x 72pin SIMMS, but this is unconfirmed)
SCSI: SCSI 2 Onboard

4MB4-1MB X 8---:||:
8MB8-1MB X 81MB X 8--|:|:
12MB12-1MB X 81MB X 81MB X 8-::|:
16MB16-1MB X 81MB X 81MB X 81MB X 8||::
16MB-44MB X 8---|||:
20MB441MB X 84MB X 8--:||:
24MB841MB X 81MB X 84MB X 8-|:|:
28MB1241MB X 81MB X 81MB X 84MB X 8::|:
32MB-84MB X 84MB X 8--|||:
36MB481MB X 84MB X 84MB X 84MB X 8:||:
40MB881MB X 81MB X 84MB X 84MB X 8|:|::
48MB-124MB X 84MB X 84MB X 8-|||::
52MB4121MB X 84MB X 84MB X 84MB X 8:||::
64MB-164MB X 84MB X 84MB X 84MB X 8|||::

The Zeus 2040 has three banks of jumpers, labelled A, B ,C. The above memory configuration refers to BANK B.

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