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Elbox: Spider II USB

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Spider II
Spider II

The Spider II is a USB (V2.0) PCI card intended for use with the Mediator series of busboards and requires at least an 030. It is the sequel to the original Spider and is said to increase performance by about 20%. It has the following features:

  • NEC 720101 chipset
  • Five USB 2.0 Hi Speed ports: four external, one internal
  • 32-bit 33MHz DMA host interface compliant with the PCI 2.2 specification
  • Compliant with the EHCI (USB 2.0) and OHCI (USB 1.1) specifications
  • Consists of three independent host controllers: two OHCI (Open Host Controller Interface) and one EHCI (Enhanced Host Controller Interface)
  • All ports can handle high-speed (480Mbps), full-speed (12Mbps) and low-speed (1.5Mbps) transactions
  • Supports up to 127 downstream USB devices
  • Supplies 500 mA power to each USB port
  • Supports the PCI-Bus Power Management Interface
  • Includes drivers for AmigaOS for all Mediator busboards and for Amithlon
  • Amiga support works through the Poseidon USB stack

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