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Applied Magic Inc.: Digital Broadcaster 32

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The Digital Broadcaster 32 is a high end card designed for non-linear video editing with framebuffer, capture and video switching facilities. The card requires the supplied "BreakOut Box" which contains all the video connectors for the card. Without the BreakOut Box, the card cannot be used. Various expansions were made for this card including an Image Processor, Hardware Character Henerator, D1 I/O and Sound Stage sound card.


  • BNC In
  • BNC Out
  • S-Video Out
  • S-Video In
  • Betacam SP In
  • Betacam SP Out

General Features

  • Time Lapse
  • Stop Motion
  • Slow Motion
  • Reverse Motion
  • Character Generation
  • Transitional Effects, eg: Dissolve, 2D Wipes, Animation Wipes, Covers, Slides etc
  • SMPTE Time Code
  • CMX standard EDL output
  • Animation Editing and Playback
  • CCIR601, 50fps PAL compliant.
  • ARexx Control
  • Chroma Effects
  • Colour Correction

The card has very strict hardware requirements, and may fail to work correctly if your setup does not match or exceed the following requirements.

Amiga 4000, 4000T, A3000, A3000T

  • 040 processor recommended. If the A3640 is used, it must be at least Rev 3.1
  • 12MB of RAM minimum
  • Kickstart 3.1
  • Rev 11 Buster
  • RGB Computer Monitor
  • Video Monitor
  • Very fast SCSI-II controller, eg Fastlane or Warp Engine
  • Sunrize AD516 or Sound Stage required for audio
  • Graphics Card (not required, but recommended)

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