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Coast to Coast Technologies: Syncro II Dongle

Connection: Floppy Drive Port (Extern)

Syncro II
Syncro II

Closeup Syncro II - 138K
PCB of Syncro II - 189K
Backside of the PCB - 184K

This is the "analog" hardware component of the disk duplication package Syncro Express II.

Its is an external floppy disk drive dongle that sits between the Amiga and an external floppy disk drive and allows you to duplicate some copy protected floppy disks.

The hardware part has a two position switch on it.

N position is "Normal" or bypass where the floppy disk behaves normally.

S position is "Syncro" which is used in conjunction with the duplication software.

It is similar in function to the more widely known Cyclone / X-Copy dongle hardware by ASI

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