ID #2904

CSA: Midget Racer Piggyback Board

Connection: CPU Socket

Midget Racer
Midget Racer

Midget Racer with manual
Midget Racer with manual

Hi Res Version, Midget Racer - 83K
Hi Res Version, Midget Racer with manual - 61K

Processor: 020@7.2Mhz
FPU: 68881 or 68882 @ up to 33Mhz (PGA)
Ram Type: None. Does not support the addition of memory.

A small board measuring approximately 3.5" x 2.75" which plugs into the CPU socket. Due this card using an underclocked 020 and not supporting additional fast ram, it only achieves about a 10% speed increase of the standard 68000. The FPU can be clocked synchronously in which case it's about 7.2Mhz or an oscillator can be installed to support an FPU at up to 33Mhz. The card apparently does not work without an FPU installed.


For synchronous FPU clock (~7Mhz) short pins E2 and E3
For asynchronous FPU clock (uses oscillator) short pins E1 and E2

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