ID #4221

Datel: Handy Scanner (datel)

Connection: Parallel Port

Datel Handy Scanner
Datel Handy Scanner

Datel Handy Scanner, with PSU
Datel Handy Scanner, with PSU

Datel Handy Scanner interface
Datel Handy Scanner interface

Image of Interface PCB - 121K
Image of Scanner unit PCB - 240K
Image of Scanner, Bottom - 52K
Image of Box - 269K
Image of Installation Disk - 17K
Installation Diagram - 45K

A hand scanner for the Amiga which connects to the parallel port via the mini-DIN connector on the supplied interface (no pass through). The scanner is capable of scanning in 16 greyscales at resolutions of 100, 200, 300 and 400 dpi. The scanner has three photos modes and a text mode with light and dark adjustment. It scans at a speed of 3ms/line with a width of 105mm. The scanner requires the external power supply to be connected to the interface. Different models of scanner units may have been supplied with the unit, but the one shown here is a Mustek Matador 105.

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