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Clock Port: Connects to the Clock Port found in most A1200s and on some expansion cards.

Div. HardwareA1200 RTC Module
Realtime Clock for Clockport
The Clock
Floppy ControllerCatweasel
Catweasel Mk-II
Catweasel Mk-III PCI/Flipper
I/O KartenGoldsurfer
Hypercom 1
Hypercom 3
Hypercom 3+
IOBlix 1200P
IOBlix 1200S
Port Plus
Port Plus
Port Plus Jnr
Port Plus Jnr
Subway USB
Twister Mk-II
IDE ControllerCatweasel Mk-II
SoundkartenDelfina DSP 1200
Melody 1200
Melody 1200 Plus
Melody 1200 Pro
Prelude 1200
VF Sound System

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