ID #3969

Processors: XC68060

Connection: CPU Socket

50Mhz PGA XC68060
50Mhz PGA XC68060

50Mhz PGA MC68060
50Mhz PGA MC68060

Voltage: 3.3V
Data Bus: 32bit
Address Bus: 32bit
Cache: 8k Data Cache
8k Instruction Cache
MMU: Yes
FPU: Yes
Transistors: 2,500,000

+ Used as base processor in an Amiga
* Used on an Amiga Accelerator

Available in MhzUsed in Amiga/Accelerator
50.00Yes + *
60.00Yes (EC version)
66.00Yes * (EC version)
75.00Yes * (LC version on Apollo 1260)

The 68060 was never used as the base processor in any Commodore Amiga's, however it was used as the base processor in several clones, and also the A4000T from Amiga Technologies was available with a third party accelerator card containing an 060. The 060 has been used on many accelerators. XC versions are earlier releases of the processor, whilst the MC is a newer revision introduced in 1999. The MC versions tends to be much more tolerant of heat and is more tolerant of being overclocked.

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