RAM Expansions

ID #4042

Computer Peripherie: MegiChip

Connection: Other



Closeup of Rev 8
Closeup of Rev 8

Rev 8
Rev 8

Hi Res Version, Image 1 - 309K
Hi Res Version, Image 2 - 109K
Hi Res Version, Closeup of Rev 8 - 79K
Hi Res Version, Rev 8 - 66K

Max Ram: 2MB CHIP Ram
Ram Type:Unknown
FPU: None
RTC: None
Connection: Probably Agnus/Gary socket

A RAM expansion designed to provide the Amiga with 2MB of CHIP RAM, apparently a 1MB version also exists. It contains an upgraded Agnus chip and is probably design to be used with the A500 and A200. Apparently this device also needs to connect to the gary chip. The gary chip should be removed, placed in the socket holder which was provided and then this should be reinserted back into the motherboard. This unit is very similar to the DCE MiniMegi.

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