A600 Accelerators

ID #3132

ACT Elektronik Vertriebs GmbH: Apollo 630 / Winner 630

Connection: CPU Sockel





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Processor:030@33Mhz, 030@40Mhz or 030@50Mhz
FPU:Optional 68882 (PLCC) at the same speed as the processor.
Max Ram:32MB
Ram Type:1x72pin SIMM slot. (EDO RAM works but is not taken advantage of)

This card is also PCMCIA friendly and memory can be switched on or off by using a jumper. The accelerator installs over the 68000 CPU. It has been reported that this card has problems with A600's that have Rev 1.3 motherboards.


RAM: Open = RAM OFF, Closed = RAM ON
WAIT: Open = Faster Access, Closed = Slower Access

The Wait jumper should be set according to the processor installed and the speed of the SIMM

33Mhz70ns or less80ns
40Mhz60ns or less70ns
50Mhz60ns or less70ns

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