A4000 Accelerators

ID #3076

Commodore: A3630

Connection: CPU Fast Slot (A3000/A4000)

Rev 1.0 A3630 with standard configuration
Rev 1.0 A3630 with standard configuration

Rev 1.0 card with a 25Mhz 030 overclocked to 32Mhz and a 68882 FPU.This card was discovered in an early prototype A4000.
Rev 1.0 card with a 25Mhz 030 overclocked to 32Mhz and a 68882 FPU.This card was discovered in an early prototype A4000.

Hi Res Version, Rev 1.0 (standard) - 1036K
Hi Res Version, Rev 1.0 (overclocked) - 142K

Processor: 030@25Mhz or EC030@25Mhz
FPU: Optional 68881 or 68882 (PGA or PLCC, depending on socket fitted)
MMU: None in EC030 versions, Internal in full 030s.
Max Ram: None
Ram Type: Does not support the addition of RAM

A card which is designed to be plugged into the CPU Fast slot of the A4000 or A3000. This card was generally shipped as the standard processor board for 030 based A4000's and usually contained either an 030 (with MMU) or EC030 (no MMU) running at 25Mhz. Commodore had originally also considered shipping A4000's with an 020 specification however this never happened and so any versions of this card (if there are any) containing an 020 are likely to be prototypes or from a demo machine. The A3200/A3400 printed on the PCB actually refers to the machine the card was to be installed in. Apparently Commodore actually considered calling the 020 based A4000's the A3200 and 030 based A4000's the A3400.


Jumper Pins Function
J100 1-2 Use FPU in PLCC Socket
2-3 Use FPU in PGA Socket
J101 1-2 Use optional on-board oscillator at U103 for FPU Clock
2-3 Use CPU Clock as FPU Clock
J103 1-2 MAP-ROM Disabled
2-3 MAP-ROM Enabled (requires U100)
J201 1-2 68020 NOT selected
2-3 68020 Selected
J202 1-2 68030 selected
2-3 68030 NOT selected
J203 1-2 68030 Selected
2-3 68020 Selected

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