RAM Expansions

ID #4040

Commodore: Garganturam

Connection: Zorro II


Front of Garganturam
Front of Garganturam


Back of Garganturam
Back of Garganturam

Hi Res Version of Front - 443K
Hi Res Version, Front of Garganturam - 443K
Hi Res Version of Back - 575K
Hi Res Version, Back of Garganturam - 575K

Max Ram: 8MB
Ram Type:8 x 30pin SIMM slots
Connection: Custom Zorro II

The Garganturam is quite a strange card. Although it seems to be a Zorro II card, it was primarily designed for use with the PAL JR and was often supplied with it. It appears to be electrically compatible with Zorro II but the card is a totally different dimension to conventional Zorro II cards and therefore is unlikely to fit in most other Zorro II systems. It allows the addition of RAM in the form of 30pin SIMM slots.

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