RAM Expansions

ID #4034

Commodore: A2058

Connection: Zorro II



Rev 3, A2058
Rev 3, A2058

Hi Res Version of Front - 92K
Hi Res Version of Back - 96K
Hi Res Version, Rev 3, A2058 - 205K
Image of manual - 120K
Image of disk - 72K

Max Ram: 8MB
Ram Type: 1 Megabit DRAM Chips
Connection: Zorro II

The A2058 is a full length Zorro II RAM expansion which configures all of it's RAM within the Zorro II address space. The board can be populated with either 2, 4 or 8 meg of RAM using 1 Megabit by 1 DRAMs, 120ns or faster.

J1 J2 Memory Size RAM Location
Closed Closed 2MB Surface Mounted
Closed Open 4MB U16-U30 (every other one) and U55-U62
Open Open 8MB All locations
Open Closed * (See below)

* When the 2058's auto-config hardware is disabled, the board can be automatically configured independantly of the Amiga OS. This is in board diagnostic mode only.

Contributions to this page by:
Greg Scott (National Amiga), Jan Pedersen, Michael Czajka

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