A500 Accelerators

ID #3119

M-Tec: E-Matrix 530

DCE: Viper 530
Connection: CPU Sockel


Jumper Block
Jumper Block

Picture of the Viper 530 connected to the A500+ without SCSI
Picture of the Viper 530 connected to the A500+ without SCSI

Hi Res Version of Image 2 - 181K
HiRes Version Jumper Block - 88K
Image of box (mtec version) - 40K

NOTE: The EMatrix 530 which was at least sold in Poland, appears to be the same card as the Viper 530.

There was 4 models of this card:

E-Matrix 530/40 Mhz
E-Matrix 530/50 Mhz
E-Matrix 530/40 Mhz, SCSI
E-Matrix 530/50 Mhz, SCSI

Processor: 030@40MHz or 030@50MHz - PGA or QFP 68000@7.14MHz PLCC - onboard, avaible when you disable the board, for retro-compatibility.
FPU: Optional 68882@50Mhz (PGA)
MMU: Internal
Max Ram: 128MB
Ram Type: 1 x 72pin SIMM slot.

An accelerator card which plugs into the CPU socket of an A500. Unlike many other A500 accelerators, this card offers a large number of additional expansions. It includes 1 x 2.5" IDE Connector, 2 x 3.5" IDE Connectors and Kickstart 2.05 ROMs as well as the ability to add an optional SCSI II controller. You can use both 3.5" IDE connectors simultaneously with the 2.5" IDE connector with some limitations:

The 40-pin port ?IDE 1? is electrically equivalent with the 
"IDE 2.5" connector.
You can use: two drives on ?IDE 2.5?, or two drive on ?IDE 1?,
or one drive on "IDE 2.5" with one drive "IDE1".
The total number of the drive attached to ?IDE 2.5? and ?IDE 1? can't
exceed two in any case.
You must set the correct master/slave combination in the devices.
The port ?IDE 2? (usually use for CDROM) is independent of the other two,
so a total of 4 IDE device (misc IDE 2.5"/IDE1, two on IDE2) are the maximum
you can connect to the E-Matrix!

NOTE: Check if you have the original A500 power supply (5V - 4,5A), 
this is the minimum for the turboboard.
Power supply with only 2,5-3A (like A1200 version) don't work, can be cause
damage or crash to the system.

The board have one PS/2-SIMM socket, but you can add a second socket 
(in towerized A500).

Near the SIMM socket there are the same pin for the second optional socket.
I can't confirm if this works really (I don't want to modify my board...),
and what is the maximum RAM avaible with 2 sockets:
64+64=128MB or 128+128=256MB

Jumper Settings (see image):
PGA-CPU You can switch between PGA/QFP CPU (close=PGA)
Reserved This jumper change the 32-bit RAM access (close=raise speed
IDE OFF Close the jumper for E-Matrix Kickrom, open for use the onboard Kickrom.
Kickstart 2.05 ROM are socketed, so you can upgrade better to 3.1 ROM
(AMIGAOS 3.5/3.9!!!).
All combination of ROMs are possible: 1.3, 2.05, 3.0, 3.1, etc.
onboard and 2.05, 3.0, 3.1 on E-Matrix, you can enable what you want
(for IDE a better 2.05 ROM is required).
Note that default onboard Kickrom 1.3 don't work with E-Matrix
(use TURBO OFF switch)
TURBO OFF Switch ON/OFF the whole E-Matrix. 68000 PLCC avaible for
INT2MOBO DON'T USE! It's soldered with the clip to connect the
Paula (to 16-pin)
HDD LED NEVER put a jumper! Connect HDD LED for IDE/SCSI activity.
A 19-A 20 Connect the Mini Megi Chip (2MB RAM Chip) if you have one.

Contributions to this page by:
Giampietro Albiero, Keith Robertson-Turner, Mr T, Olivier Anguille, Pawel Chwalowski

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