Misc ZORRO Cards

ID #3689

James Cook University: AD0201

Connection: Zorro III


Hi Res Version - 55K

AD0201 stands for Analogue/Digital and is a full length Zorro III card for the Amiga designed to be used with Ocean Radar. The card was developed in-house by the James Cook University and unfortunately was never sold to the public although it is still in use. The card contains a Motorola MC68340 embedded microprocessor, 512K SRAM (25ns), a 12bit A/D + FIFO, Multiplexer, serial port, parallel port, FlashROM and an expansion bus for extending the cards capabilities. It was used with an A3000 to control radar and read sample raw data back. A video capture module was built for this card called the AD0240. A Zorro II version of this card was also made called the AD0200.

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