Floppy Controller

ID #3295

Utilities Unlimited: Super Card Ami II (Internal)

Utilities Unlimited: Super Card Ami II (External)
Connection: Floppy Drive Port (Extern)

Super Card Ami II
Super Card Ami II

AmiII front view
AmiII front view

AmiII rear view
AmiII rear view

Closeup internal version
Closeup internal version

closeup front view - 386K
closeup rear view - 520K
Closeup component side - 423K

Two versions of this unit exist, an internal version and an external version. The external version plugs into the external floppy drive port, whilst the internal version connects to the rear of the internal floppy drive. A clip must also be attached to a chip on the motherboard, unknown which but probably PAULA. It's a combination of hardware and software which claims to be able to copy any normal density disk, particularly NON-DOS disks and disks which have copy protection. The software does not support multitasking, so you cannot work on something else whilst copies are being made.

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