Digtizers & Framegrabbers

ID #3237

Videotechnik Diezemann: Snapshot Professional

Connection: Parallel Port, Unknown


The Snapshot Pro is an external video digitizer for the Amiga which is capable of digitizing video in realtime to the onboard buffers in black and white. The data can later be transferred to the Amiga's memory which requires at least 1MB. Realtime grabbing is in 16 to 32 greyscales with a maximum resolution of 352 x 276, however higher resolutions can be achieved up to 704 x 552 by pausing the video. It supports four different Channels. The first for the BAS- Signal and the three for the Color-Channels from the Splitter.

The Snapshot Live isn't an Expansion for the Snapshot Pro. - Connects To: Parallel Port

- Controls: Lace-Intensity, Black-Level, White-Level and On/Off-Switch

- The Snapshot Pro is the Device in the lower right corner.

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Chris Hauser, Iggy Drougge, RiWa & Friends

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