Bridgeboards & Emulator Cards

ID #3138

Commodore: A1060

Connection: Seitlicher Expansion Slot

Front of A1060
Front of A1060

Front of A1060, Image 2
Front of A1060, Image 2

A1060 fitted with non standard IBM HD
A1060 fitted with non standard IBM HD

Back of A1060
Back of A1060

Side of A1060
Side of A1060

Hi Res Version, Front of A1060 - 107K
Hi Res Version, Front of A1060, Image 2 - 83K
Hi Res Version, A1060 fitted with non standard IBM HD - 115K
Hi Res Version, Back of A1060 - 217K
Hi Res Version, Side of A1060 - 186K
Image of A1060 with case off - 246K
Image of A1060 floppy drive and PSU - 216K
Image of Rev 5 A1060 Motherboard, Front - 430K
Image of Rev 5 A1060 Motherboard, Back - 490K
Image of Rev 5 A1060 Daughterboard, Front - 393K
Image of Rev 5 A1060 Daughterboard, Back - 460K
Image inside A1060 empty case - 259K

Emulates: PC
Processor: Intel 8088@4.77Mhz
RAM: 256K (expandable to 512K + 80K Dual Bus Memory)
Graphics Emulation: Unknown (can use real 8bit ISA graphics cards)
Sound Emulation: Unknown (can use real 8bit ISA sound cards)

Unlike most other bridgeboards, the A1060 sidecar is literally an entire PC in a box. It was specifically designed to fit the 86pin side expansion of the A1000. It is probably electrically compatible with the A500, however the physical dimensions may cause problems due to the A500 expansion slot being on the opposite side. The sidecar has a 5.25" drive bay which was normally fitted with a 360K 5.25" floppy drive, 3 x 8bit ISA slots for using real PC cards and a pass-thru for the expansion slot.

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