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ID #3431

MacroSystem (US & Germany): Retina Z2

Connection: Zorro II

Retina ZII with manual and disks
Retina ZII with manual and disks

Rev 1.1, 4MB version
Rev 1.1, 4MB version

Rev 1.1, 1MB version
Rev 1.1, 1MB version

Hi Res Version, Rev 1.1, 1MB version - 1004K
Hi Res Version, Rev 1.1, 4MB version - 521K

Chipset(s)Symbios Logic (NCR) 77C22E
Graphics Memory1MB or
2MB or
8bit Support: Yes
16bit Support: Yes
24bit Support: Yes (except for 1MB version)
Display Drivers
CyberGraphX V2: No
CyberGraphX V3: No
CyberGraphX V4: No (Despite adverts saying it does, it does NOT)
Picasso 96: No
EGS: Yes
Other: Yes (RetinaEmu RTG)

A Zorro II only graphics card. It was available in 1MB, 2MB or 4MB versions. The RAM on the card is in the form of ZIP chips and can be upgraded if necessary to a maximum of 4MB. The 1MB and 2MB versions used 414256 ZIP Chips, but the 4MB version uses 414400 ZIP chips used in alternating sockets (ie 1,3,5... etc). 80ns RAM generally works, however it used recommended that you use 70ns RAM or faster. The memory on board is automatically detected. However if the Retina does detect an incorrect memory size, or reports an absence of memory, then one jumper allows you to set the wait-state value which may be necessary with faster machines. It has a pixel clock of 90Mhz (8bit). Apprently the Retina Z2 has some sort of AGA compatibility mode, that may allow some programs intended for use with AGA to work, although it's quite slow, particularly with games. The AGA emulation mode also supports HAM-6 and HAM-8 but must be operated in 24bit mode. The 1MB version of this can also supports 24bit in 800x600.

Board Layout
| |
| |
| |
| || || || || || || || || |# Video
| || || || || || || || || |# Port
| || || || || || || || || |# (HDD15)
| |
| 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 |
| |
| JP |
| .. |
||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |

Example Display Modes
1024 x 7681650Hz
1280 x 1024 (laced)1695Hz
1280 x 1024850Hz
1600x1200 (laced)880Hz
JPEnable wait statesDisable wait states

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Christian Krenner, Greg Scott (National Amiga), Mario Misic, Michael Dittmar, RiWa & Friends, Sebastian Kinner

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