Flickerfixer & Scandoubler

ID #3243

ACT Elektronik Vertriebs GmbH: MV1200

Connection: Video Socket (Amiga 23pin)


MV1200 with fan fitted
MV1200 with fan fitted

End Connectors
End Connectors

Hi Res Version, MV1200 - 376K
Hi Res Version, MV1200 with fan fitted - 174K
Hi Res Version, End Connectors - 341K
Image of PCB - 160K
Image of Front and Back of PCB - 1396K
Closeup of LEDs - 62K

The MV1200 is an external scandoubler for use with all Amigas. It takes the standard Amiga PAL or NTSC output and scandoubles it for use on a PC type VGA/SVGA monitor. It supports full 24bit colour in all non 15Khz modes. A high precision TTL circuit used for pixel clock generation. The MV1200 also has an optional FlickerFixer module to promote interlaced screens to non-flickering displays. The MV1200 connects to the RGB Video out on the Amiga and should only be connected when the machine is switched off.

Once you have connected the MV1200 it may be necessary to "finetune" it for best picture quality, although by default it comes fine tuned for A1200s. The MV1200 should be plugged in and the Amiga switched on for at least 5 minutes before attempting this procedure to ensure that the MV1200 has reached operating temperature. Try to have as many vertical lines on the screen as possible, or load a picture which contains many alternate black and white lines. Use a small screwdriver to move the potentiometer labelled "Adjust". Please note this is a high performance multi-turn multi-precision potentiometer which can be turned about 20 times from end to end. In the middle of the range there is a distortion of the picture but if you turn it another 3 or 4 times the picture quality will increase. DO NOT forcibly turn it further when you encounter resistance. If you have problems with picture quality still, then close the jumper marked phase which is normally open.

LED When on When off
Bypass Flickerfixer Mode Input H-Freq > 15Khz (24Khz - 31Khz)
15Khz flickerfixed (Flicker Fixer only)
Input H-Freq = 15Khz
Enable Adjustment Disabled Adjustment Enabled
Phase Normal Clock Used Inverted Clock Used
FF-Ena Flickerfixer Mode Scandoubler Mode
222Mod 58221 FRAMs Fitted (FF only) 58222 FRAMs Fitted (FF only)

Factory Default Setting

Enabled - CLOSED
Phase - OPEN
FF Ena (inside) - OPEN if FF Fitted, otherwise CLOSED
222 Mod (inside) - OPEN if 58221 FRAMs fitted, CLOSED otherwise
XCLKEN (inside) - Reserved, must be OPEN
CCK (inside) - Reserved, must be in left position.

In SuperHiRes mode, only every second pixel is displayed
All modes with a Horizontal frequency above 15Khz will be bypassed, but since some of these modes are also outside the VGA range, your monitor may not display them correctly.
Only 15Khz modes will be flickerfixed, other modes will be bypassed
Please ensure that the VGAOnly tool which is part of the monitor drivers, is executed prior to the monitor driver to ensure that Euro72 and Multiscan modes are fully VGA compatible.

Upgrading to a FlickerFixer

To upgrade you need two video-field memories of type OKI 518221Z-30 OR OKI 518222Z-30 in ZIP form.
Open the unit and insert the chips into the ZIP sockets, make sure the writing is facing the 23pin video connector
After fitting, gently bend them towards the 23pin connector to allow the case to close correctly
Open the FF-Ena jumper
Set the 222Mod jumper correctly, according to the FRAM type you used.

Contributions to this page by:
Francisco Rabay Jr, Gunnar Bernhardt, Mario Misic, Orjan Lindgren

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