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ID #3836

Unknown: Amiga 5.25 Track Display

Connection: Floppy Drive Port (Extern)

5.25 Floppy with track display
5.25 Floppy with track display

Reading disk
Reading disk

Bottom view
Bottom view

inside back view
inside back view

Inside upper view
Inside upper view

HiRes version 5.25 Track display - 546K
HiRes version reading disk - 471K
Hires version inside upper view - 641K
HiRes version inside bottom view - 770K
The rubber feets at the bottom of the device - 548K

A 5.25 Drive with a small Trackdisplay... The drive work 100% on classic amiga's like A500/A2000, also on A1200 (rev 1d4 light green Mainboard) but you need to use the cli-command 'Changedisk DFx' As you can see on the internal pictures the RDY signal is provided with a microswitch (that connects if you close the driveclip down) you can see it on the upper right section of the 'inside top' picture, (the light brown with the black cable) At boottime the trackdisplay (with driveclip up) will cont from 03 to 04 and backwards. After putting a disk in the drive and close the driveclip the display go to track 00 and then to 40 (for AmigaDos disks only) (It's like in WinUAE -> misc ->"Onscreen LEDs") the 8th segment of the display show you the drive head than read (or write) at the moment. Example : if you read the track "5.4" it means track 54 head0 & "54." means Track 54 Head1. There 's also a big Led like other drives... It has a disable switch and a 40/80 trackmode switch (360KB/880KB) Under it, there are 4 rubber feets for great stability (about 10x10x5mm).

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