CD32 Accelerators

ID #3168

Hi-Tech: SX-1

Microbotics: SX-1
Paravision: SX-1
Connection: CD32 Rear Expansion Slot









Connects to the expansion port of the CD32 and provides it with much of the capability of an A1200. The SX-1 provides the following expansion ports

1 x 25pin Parallel Port
1 x 9pin Serial Port
1 x 23pin RGB Video Port
1 x External Floppy Drive Port (for up to 3 drives)
1 x 2.5" IDE Connector
1 x 37pin External IDE Connector
1 x Keyboard connector, compatible with both Amiga and PC keyboards
1 x 72pin SIMM slot.
1 x Karaoke / Audio Input.
1 x Pass Thru for FMV module.

The SX-1 has been made by three companies. Microbotics inititally made them, but were bought out by Paravision, who themselves were in turn bought out by Hi-Tech.

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