IDE Controller

ID #3512

BSC: Tandem

Connection: Zorro II




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A half length Zorro II card which provides a 3.5" IDE controller and a Mitsumi Controller. This card supports any IDE device and ATAPI device connected to its IDE controller. It uses (oktagon.device) for IDE devices and (tandemat.device) for ATAPI devices. The Mitsumi controller is actually a custom controller based on IDE made by Mitsumi. These controllers are normally found on PC sound cards and allowed a way of adding a CDROM without wasting any IDE ports. Only CDROMs of the Mitsumi type can be used on the Mitsumi controller. They use tandemcd.device. Please note that Mitsumi also make IDE CDROMs, so the CDROM you use must support the Mitsumi controller standard, not just be branded by Mitsumi.

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