Graphics Cards (RTG)

ID #3424

GVP (Great Valley Products): Spectrum 28/24

Connection: Zorro Auto Sensing



Hi Res Version of Front - 216K
Hi Res Version of Back - 169K

Chipset(s)Cirrus Logic GD5426
Cirrus Logic GD5428
Graphics Memory1MB or
8bit Support: Yes
16bit Support: Yes
24bit Support: Yes
Display Drivers
CyberGraphX V2: Yes
CyberGraphX V3: Yes
CyberGraphX V4: Yes
Picasso 96: Yes
EGS: Yes
Other: No

A full length Zorro graphics card which is Zorro II and III auto-sensing. It has a pixel clock of 85Mhz (8bit), 45Mhz (16bit) and 28Mhz (24bit).

Example Display Modes
1600 x 1200864Hz
1280 x 1024892Hz
1152 x 900865Hz
1024 x 768879Hz
1152 x 9001672Hz
1024 x 7681686Hz
800 x 6001681Hz
800 x 6002449Hz
640 x 4802459Hz
JumperPin 1-2Pin 2-3
JP1Zorro Auto-SensingForce Zorro II

Contributions to this page by:
Michael Czajka, Michael Dittmar

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