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Elbox: Power Tower 1200 / E/BOX 1200 / Winner Tower 1200

E/BOX 1200
E/BOX 1200

Front of E/BOX 1200
Front of E/BOX 1200

Rear of E/BOX 1200
Rear of E/BOX 1200

Side view inside E/BOX 1200 with mediator fitted
Side view inside E/BOX 1200 with mediator fitted

Hi Res Version, E/BOX 1200 - 197K
Hi Res Version, Front of E/BOX 1200 - 116K
Hi Res Version, Rear of E/BOX 1200 - 101K
Hi Res Version, Side view inside E/BOX 1200 with mediator fitted - 183K
Image of rear and side of the E/BOX 1200 - 137K
Image of motherboard mounting plate - 76K
Image of motherboard mounting plate with motherboard - 153K
Image of motherboard mounting plate being installed - 142K
Image of E/BOX 1200 base - 193K

Dimensions: 445 x 425 x 230mm (H x D x W), 12Kg
3.5" Bays: 4 (2 with faceplates)
5.25" Bays: 3 (3 with faceplates)
PSU: PC 230 watt

A tower designed to house an A1200 motherboard and one of several busboards including the Mediator PCI 1200, AmigaOne 1200, Zorro IV, Zorro IV with Mediator PCI ZIV and various Zorro III and Zorro II busboards. The tower includes a power switch, reset switch and a standby switch we can be connected to such things as MAPROM on processors cards, or memory disable on RAM cards.

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Elbox, Orjan Lindgren

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