ID #3966

Processors: MC68EC040V

Connection: CPU Socket

Voltage: 3.3V
Data Bus: 32bit
Address Bus: 32bit
Cache: 4k instruction cache
4k data cache
MMU: None
FPU: None
Transistors: 962,000

Available in Mhz

As far as I know, the 68EC040V has never been used as the base processor for any Amiga, or on an accelerator card, although it should be 100% compatible. The difference between the 68040V and the 68EC040V is that it lacks an internal MMU and FPU and cannot support an external one. The 68EC040V processors were usually 68040V's where the MMU and FPU had failed during testing. The 'V' designation means the processor is a 3.3V version instead of the conventional 5V version.

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