Kickstart Switchers

ID #3623

H. Horak: NewKick

Connection: Kickstart Socket

Image of the NewKick V2.1
Image of the NewKick V2.1

Closeup of the V2.1 PCB - 133K

The NewKick is a kickstart switcher for the AMIGA. The card connects to the kickstart socket, perhaps originally to the A1000. On the card there is a socket for the original kickstart ROM and also six sockets for kickstart EPROMs, which are labelled as follows:

ODD1, ODD2, 
EVEN1, EVEN2 (1001/512),
ODD, EVEN (271001)
This item also has two external switches. The function of them is unknwon. Also there are two jumpers (JP1, JP2) which functions is unknown, too.

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