ID #3871

Commodore: 1940 / 1942

Connection: DB15

Commodore 1942
Commodore 1942

Commodore 1942
Commodore 1942

Control panel of the Commodore 1942
Control panel of the Commodore 1942

Backplate of the Commodore 1942
Backplate of the Commodore 1942

Hi Res Version, Image 1 - 168K
Hi Res Version, Image 2 - 185K
Hi Res Version, Image 3 - 180K
Hi Res Version, Image 4 - 248K

This monitor is a 13-inch bisync (not true multisync) monitor built by Samsung for Commodore. It has two ranges of sync frequencies to match both normal (15.75 kHz) and doubled screen modes. The 1942 differs from the 1940 only in that it has a smaller dot pitch. MonEd may be useful in getting the picture to fill the entire screen (the 1942 came with a set of patched  monitor drivers). Both variations feature stereo speakers.


    Sync Frequency: 15.6-15.8 kHz and 27.3-31.5 kHz Horizontal
                    47 Hz to 75 Hz Vertical
         Dot Pitch: 0.39 mm (1940)
                    0.28 mm (1942)
      Sound Output: 1.0 W RMS/Channel at 5% maximum THD
  Input Connectors: One permanently attached HDD15 and Audio R/L

Pin-Outs (HDD15)

   Pin 1: Red
   Pin 2: Green
   Pin 3: Blue
   Pin 4: Unused
   Pin 5: Unused
   Pin 6: Red Ground
   Pin 7: Green Ground
   Pin 8: Blue Ground
   Pin 9: Unused
  Pin 10: Digital Ground
  Pin 11: Digital Ground
  Pin 12: Unused
  Pin 13: Horizontal Sync
  Pin 14: Vertical Sync
  Pin 15: Unused 

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Christian Geier, Greg Scott (National Amiga), Marcello Cocco, NicDouille, Warren Block

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