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ID #4627

Keyboard Socket: Plugs into the keyboard connector, or AUX port.

Div. HardwareACQVID Connector
CD32 Communicator
MIDI DevicesCD32 Communicator
Keyboards & AdaptorsA1000 Keyboard
A1200 Keyboard
A2000 Keyboard
A3000 Keyboard
A3000T Keyboard
A4000 Keyboard
A4000T Keyboard
A500 Keyboard
A600 Keyboard
Alphakey II
CD32 AUX Extension
CD32 Keyboard
CD32 Keyboard Interface
CDTV Keyboard
Keyboard Interface
KPR-E94YC A4000T Keyboard
KPR-E96YC A4000T Keyboard
Lyra (External)
MRH 2D Multimedia Keyboard Adapter
Northgate Omnikey Ultra
TOMS CD32 Keyboard

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