A1000 Accelerators

ID #2911

M-Tec: M-Tec 68020-i

Connection: CPU Socket

Image shows PGA FPU attached
Image shows PGA FPU attached

Image shows PLCC FPU attached
Image shows PLCC FPU attached

FPU:Optional 68881 or 68882 (PGA or PLCC) at up to 50Mhz
Max Ram:Probably 4MB
Ram Type:1 x 72 pin SIMM slot.

An accelerator which plugs into the CPU socket of the A500 and A2000. It probably works with the A1000 too, but his has not been confirmed. The card requires an additional crystal if you intend to install an FPU, which allows the FPU to run at a clock speed independently from the processor. A 68000 can be installed onto the card as a fallback for old software that is incompatible. There have been problems reported when using this card with an A2091


1/4MB4MB Installed1MB Installed
CacheCPU Cache EnabledCPU Cache Disabled
68000/68k020 Mode68000 Mode
AutoconfigDo not AutoConfig memory, use the AddMem utilityAutoconfig Memory
CIADefaultOnly close this jumper if your Amiga crashes when it's open.

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Anthony Fox, Mario Misic, RawHeadX, Ross Vumbaca

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