Sound Cards

ID #4394

SunRize Industries: AD1012

Connection: Zorro II


Hi Res Version, AD1012 - 197K
Studio 16 leaflet, Outside - 1361K
Studio 16 leaflet, Inside - 1569K
Studio 16 Screenshot - 205K

Other: Native support in Studio 16

A full length Zorro II 4 channel (requires an 030 for all 4 channels) 12 bit sound card designed for SMPTE and post production work. The cards contains a 2105 DSP and supports mono sampling at up to 48Khz with anti-aliasing. It also has an LTC SMPTE time code reader, cue and generator. The card also contains 64K of SRAM which is upgradeable to 256K. This card was supplied with Studio 16 for sound production.


1 x Mono In
1 x Mono Out

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