SCSI Controller

ID #4334

RocTec: RocHard 800C

Connection: Side Expansion Slot




Hi Res Version of RocHard, Side 1 - 99K
Hi Res Version of RocHard, Side 2 - 66K
Hi Res Version of RocHard, Rear - 57K
Image of RocHard connected to A500 - 43K
Image of RocHard PSU pinout - 9K
Image of RocHard PSU - 19K
Image of RocHard Motherboard - 185K
Image of RocHard Motherboard and lid - 100K

A Hard Drive unit which connects to the side expansion slot of the A500 and contains both an IDE controller and SCSI controller. Early versions of this unit may have contained IDE only, however this has not been confirmed. The unit has an internal 40pin IDE connector, an internal 50pin SCSI connector and an external DB25 SCSI connector as well as a power switch and DIP switches for setting the SCSI ID. Up to 8MB of additional RAM can be added in the form of 1MB 30pin SIMMs.

DIP Switch Settings

Switch Function
1 Enable / Disable Hard Drive
2 Enable / Disable RAM
3 Kickstart 1.2 / Kickstart 1.3
4 Reserved
5 Reserved
6 SCSI ID 0xx / 1xx
7 SCSI ID x0x / x1x
8 SCSI ID xx0 / xx1

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