RAM Expansions

ID #4073

Expansion Systems: Baseboard

Connection: Trapdoor Slot (A500/+)


Baseboard with manual, box and disks
Baseboard with manual, box and disks

Baseboard, front
Baseboard, front


Baseboard, back
Baseboard, back

Hi Res Version of Image 1 - 51K
Hi Res Version, Baseboard with manual, box and disks - 89K
Hi Res Version, Baseboard, front - 912K
Hi Res Version of Image 2 - 112K
Hi Res Version, Baseboard, back - 110K
Image of box, front - 55K
Image of box, back - 72K

Max Ram: 4MB
Ram Type: DRAM Chips
FPU: None
RTC: Yes
Connection: Trapdoor Slot

The baseboard is a two piece unit. The first part (top image) fits underneath the Gary chip (note CSG5719 Gary on the card). The second parts connected via a cable and sits in the trapdoor slot. The board which sits underneath the gary chip is necessary so that more than 512K of memory could be added via the trapdoor slot. The baseboards adds up to 4MB of additional memory.

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