Misc. Hardware

ID #3755

Elbox: EFlash 1200

Connection: PCMCIA

The eFlash 1200 is an autobooting PCMCIA card with 1MB of FlashROM memory. The FlashROM allows the storage of resident capable programs, libraries and devices to be executed at power on, providing services which may otherwise require a reboot. For example, PCI cards installed in Mediator-equipped A1200s can be initialised before the operating system starts. As a result, the computer may be booted from mass storage devices connected through various PCI controllers such as the Spider or Spider II USB cards. The FlashROM memory installed in the eFlash 1200 allows at least 100,000 erase and programming cycles. The card is provided with hardware protection against unwanted or accidental reprogramming and a hardware switch for selecting the start address alternative programs stored in the eFlash 1200 memory. It is not known whether this card was actually released to the public.

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