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ID #3587

Commodore: A2000 Keyboard

Connection: Tastatur Socket

A2000 'Model A' Swedish/Finnish Keyboard
A2000 'Model A' Swedish/Finnish Keyboard

A2000 US Keyboard
A2000 US Keyboard

A2000 US Keyboard
A2000 US Keyboard

Hi Res Version, A2000 'Model A' Swedish/Finnish Keyboard - 29K
Hi Res Version, A2000 US Keyboard, Front - 221K
Hi Res Version, A2000 US Keyboard, Rear - 195K

The A2000 keyboard uses a large 5pin DIN style connector. Several versions of the A2000 keyboard exist. Older versions tend to have red 'Amiga keys' and a red caps lock LED, whilst newer keyboards tend to have the common black 'Amiga keys' with a green caps lock LED.

Pin Function
3 Not Connected
5 +5V

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Rickard Jonsson, Takahasi Kasiko

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